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CIX 1st Fan Meeting"HELLO,FIX"

2020.02.22 - 2020.02.23
Jamsil Indoor stadium

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  • 全席 ₩ 66,000
  • All Section (Unable to deliver) ₩ 66,000


CIX 1st Fan Meeting “Hello, FIX’ Notice of Cancellation

Hello, this is a notice regarding the cancellation of CIX 1st Fan Meeting ‘Hello, FIX’ scheduled for February 22nd and 23rd.

As we have confirmed the news of Coronavirus in central areas of Seoul, we were forced to cancel the fan meeting for the health and safety of our fans and artists. 

Please check the following regarding the refund procedure and the change of the receiving method of official light stick in relation to the cancellation of the fan meeting. 

Thank you.


[Information on refund of fan meeting]

For those who have purchased the tickets for the fan meeting, refunds will be made sequentially so please refer to the following information.

1. Credit Card Reservation

 - Credit card payment approval will be cancelled sequentially. Cancellation completion will vary depending on the credit card company. 

Same applies to Onepay, Kakao Pay, PAYCO, and all affiliated credit cards. (Approx. 5-7 days)

2. Bank Deposite Reservation 

- The full amount, including shipping fee will be cancelled sequentially and a notification will be sent to you. If you modify the account information directly on the reservation page after receiving the notification call, the refund will proceed normally. 

*How to create account information : My Ticket  > Booking Confirmation / Cancellation  > Refund Status  > Modify Refund Account > Modify Account  > Enter the account to be refunded and modified

* Please enter the [bank name, account number, and depositor] information exactly for the account to be refunded.

3. Mobile Reservation 

- For mobile phone payments, the payment is automatically cancelled after 4 to 5 days.


* For cancellation and refund inquiries, please make sure to contact Melon Ticket Customer Center (1899-0042) and 1:1 section.

Please be aware that cancellation fees may be incurred if you cancel them yourself.


[Information on Official Light Stick]

1. If you want to change to receiving parcels

- Fans who chose to receive on-site at the time of purchase can change to delivery after paying the shipping fee at CIMALL.

* Additional payment for shipping from CIMALL –  Place existing order number in delivery message on payment

▶ Shipping Payment Page :

*Delivery will start from 2020. 03.16 (Mon)

2. If you want to receive on-site

- Fans who wish to receive on-site may receive it at the address below.

Please include a capture screen and ID card to confirm your order number, such as purchase details or order confirmation mail.

If you’re not the buyer, you cannot receive the product on-site.

Please bring your family relations certificate (medical insurance card) and recipient ID if you purchased it with your family name ID.

(Documents to replace identification card – Passport, Student ID Card)

* Pictures of non-real-life ID cannot be authenticated. You must bring a physical ID card to pick up on-site.

* Address :  Dasan Book Salon Seminar A Room (Dasan Bldg 2FL, 39 Dokmak-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

* Dates : 2020/03/18 (Wed) – 2020/03/21 (Sat) 

* Hours : 3PM-9PM


3. Refund

- Request to cancel an order from CIMALL MY PAGE Order History Inquiry ( )

- Refund will be processed within 3 days after the application for cancellation of order

- Credit card cancellation process will be within 5-7 days (Varies with different credit card companies) 

-  Bank deposit cancellation must enter the refund account information when applying for the cancellation. 


We ask for your kind understanding to FIX who were looking forward to CIX’s 1st Fan Meeting.

Thank you.     


기 획 / 제 작 : 주식회사 씨나인이엔티, 주식회사 카카오엠


  • 窓口でチケットをお受け取りになる際は、身分証明書と購入明細書をお持ちください。
  • そのため、予約の際、予約者のお名前とパスポートのお名前を必ず一致していただくようお願いいたします。


  • Melon Ticket グロバルサイトにては韓国以外で発行されたカードのみご決済できます。
  • 海外クレジットカードをご利用になるためにはSecure認証が必要となります。
  • 予約をもっと素早く行うため、
  • UNION PAYは登録の必要はございません。