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Tiësto in Club Chroma, Korea(클럽 크로마)

2019.12.14 - 2019.12.14

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  • Standing ₩ 99,000


* Only the ‘Early bird/ Online General Ticket’ includes the entrance fee and the amount of Round trip fee between Chroma and Seoul (Gangnam/ Hongdae). We will check a ticket before you board the bus.

ㅁ EARLY BIRD 55,000 KRW ( ~ 2019.11.08 23:59)

ㅁ ONLINE GENERAL TICKET 77,000 KRW (2019.11.09 00:00 ~ 2019.12.13 23:59)

ㅁ ON-SITE 99,000 KRW (2019.12.14 00:00)  

*On-site sales are only available for remaining tickets after pre-bookings. 

[VVIP Table Booking]

VVIP Table Booking call at 02-2135-6835 (Available: Mon-Fri 11:00~19:00)

[Guide to Ticket admission]

• Invitation Ticket IS NOT VAILD for 'Tiesto on 12/14' performance at Club Chroma. 

• There is no limit for one ticket per person but tickets can NOT be exchanged or refunded on the day of performance.

• On-site sales are only available for remainingtickets after pre-bookings. A regular ticket prices are 99,000 won. (Field sales may end prematurely if there are no remaining tickets)

• Entry is on a first come first serve basis. However, VIP table guests will enter the Club Chroma through a separate VIP gate. 

• This performance is based on standing. If you would like to reserve a VIP table, please contact us at 02.2135.6853

• Your purchased tickets will be exchanged forthe entrance bracelet after confirmation of your ticket information at the TICKET BOX of Club Chroma. (The Ticket Box is located opposite of the Chroma entrance.)

• This concert is open for guests aged 19 and over. You will need to go through the ID verification process before entrance, it is mandatory.

• ID Card: 

Korean Adult Certification / Resident Registration Card, Passport, Driver's License / Foreigners Passport, Alien Registration Card ONLY

• This performance may be changed / cancelled by the artist due to personal circumstances. Guide for your identification card.

- A copy or a photo of your ID card is NOT allowed for the entrance of Club Chroma. Please bring the identification cards listed above with you.

- Name used to purchase your ticket and the name on your ID MUST match. Tickets can not be picked up on behalf. 

[Terms and Conditions for admission and performance]

• Bringing outside food, refreshments, and beverages are prohibited.

• Casual dress allowed. (However, you may be denied admission when wearing shorts, sandals, etc.)

• Excessive alcohol consumption or disputes can be a disturbance to other attendees. If they are found to be harmful, entry may be permitted.

• We are not responsible for the loss or theft of valuables during the performance, so please use the locker room in the ticket box.

Guide to use of Locker room

- The locker room in the ticket box is available at all times, with a charge of 3,000 won, 5,000 won, and 10,000 won. (Cash and card payment are both available)

-Please reduce your belongings as much as possible.

[Guide to Transportation & Free Parking]

• Address: Paradise City Plaza Parking lot (186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321-gil , Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea)

• Free parking: 6 hours for general admission, 10 hours for admission to table. (Extra parking fee may occur : 6,000 won for each addtional 60 mins / Free for up to 30 mins.)   

* Hotel parking fee will be charged for parking at Paradise City Hotel.

[Club Chroma – Guide to free shuttle service and official SNS]

• Please check the official SNS of Club Chroma 3 days prior to the date of performance for the latest information regarding the shuttle bus.


Gangnam 21:00 / 22:00 / 22:30

HongDae 22:00

(TO SEOUL- Gangnam/Hongdae)


Club Chroma’s official SNS (Club Chroma) 


주 최 : 파라다이스시티

주 관 : 파라다이스컬처허브

문 의 : 02-2135-6862


  • 窓口でチケットをお受け取りになる際は、身分証明書と購入明細書をお持ちください。
  • そのため、予約の際、予約者のお名前とパスポートのお名前を必ず一致していただくようお願いいたします。


  • Melon Ticket グロバルサイトにては韓国以外で発行されたカードのみご決済できます。
  • 海外クレジットカードをご利用になるためにはSecure認証が必要となります。
  • 予約をもっと素早く行うため、
  • UNION PAYは登録の必要はございません。