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2023.05.06 - 2023.05.07
Daegu Stadium
13 years and over

More Info

Ticket Price

  • 2 Day Ticket ₩ 130,000
  • 1 Day Ticket (Sat) ₩ 69,000
  • 1 Day Ticket (Sun) ₩ 69,000

Event Notice


〈Ticket Reservation Information〉 




- Daegu Auxiliary Stadium

- 2023.05.06 (Sat) ~ 05.07 (Sun)

- All non-reserved seats, First-come, First-served admission on the day

- Performance Time : 11:30 ~ 22:00, each day (Sat, Sun) (KST)

(can change depending on circumstances on the day)

- Seat type : All-standing

(Standing zone/Picnic zone/Terraced standing zone/Shaded shelter, etc.)

- The timetable, festival map, and list of recommended songs will be announced on the official SNS about 7-10 days before the performance.



- This festival is “All non-reserved Seat” and only those who purchased and possessed tickets or purchased on-site can enter

- Tickets will be delivered in advance only for the initial reservation for Maintaining on-site order and smooth admission.

- If you don't want to ship a ticket and want to receive it on-site, please make a reservation after April 12th.

- You can reserve up to six tickets per person (One ID)

- Tickets are limited in quantity and may be no on-site sale depending on the reservation situation. (The official SNS will be announced later. IG @daeguhiphop)

- In the case of on-site pickup, there will be a confirmation process such as reservation ID card check, the last 4 digits of the phone number registered on the reservation ID, and a reservation statement.

- If you want to change your reservation date, you have to cancel and rebook, and cancellation fee will be a charged


Tickets and wristbands

- 1-day pass (KRW 69,000) : Select the day from May 6 (Sat) or 7 (Sun)

- 2-day pass (KRW 130,000) : Both days, May 6 (Sat) and 7 (Sun)

- On the day of the festival, you must bring the ticket to exchange it for a wristband.

In the case of on-site pickup, you must prepare (refer to related information) to exchange for a wristband.

- Tickets cannot be reissued if lost or damaged.

- In the case of ticket loss, even if you have a reservation confirmation paper or payment details, it cannot be reissued or checked on the day of the performance.

- Damaged tickets cannot be exchanged for a wristband.

- We inform you that there will be immediate exit and legal problems, if there is counterfeiting, falsification, or transfer of wristband, ticket, etc. 


Notes on two-day pass wristband

- The two-day pass wristband is limited in quantity.

- If the wristband is lost or damaged after the end of the first day, 6th (Sat), it cannot be reissued. So please keep this in mind after wearing it. For reference, it is a material that can be showered and can be removed only using scissors or a knife.

- For the performance on the second day, 7th (Sun), you can enter directly from the door open time (10:20 am) after going through an item (or luggage) inspection without having to go through the ticket booth while wearing the wristband.

- For details, please be sure to read the notice related to entrance.


Ticket delivery (Ticket for global page reservation can only be picked up on-site.)

- The ticket will be shipped sequentially from April 12, 2023. (KST)

- Tickets delivered cannot be reissued, canceled, or refunded under any circumstances, such as theft, loss, damage, on-site missing, etc. so please keep in mind.

- The delivered ticket cannot be canceled online, and refunds can be made only if the ticket is returned to the CS center where you booked before the cancellation deadline. 

- For a refund. Cancellation fees apply based on arrival date. (For refunds, please contact the Melon Ticket customer center directly.)

- Tickets returned due to the customer's absence can be redelivered or changed to on-site pickup after inquiring Melon Ticket CS Center. (Shipping fees are non-refundable.)

- If you have not received your tickets before the festival even though you have selected ticket delivery, please contact the Melon Ticket CS Center immediately.


- Until April 12, Only the delivery option is available for purchase 

- From April 12, Ticket will be delivered sequentially

- April 12 ~ 24, Available to select between Delivery or On-site pickup options

- After April 25, Only the on-site pickup option is available for purchase


On-site pickup

- The preparations for those who made on-site pickup reservation are as follows;

① Reservation ID card (copy, capture, etc. allowed)

② Last 4 digits of phone number registered on reservation ID 

③ Reservation confirmation (reservation number required, copy, capture, etc. allowed)



- Identifications valid for On-site pickup are as follows:

① Identification card(Resident registration card), driver's license (mobile available), passport, student ID (with date of birth)

② Other documents that can confirm your identity (extracts or copy of resident registration, KakaoTalk certificate, Toss certificate, etc.)


On-site ticket sales

- On-site purchases will be carried out according to the remaining ticket quantity after the online reservation end.

- If the number of people allowed in the venue is exceeded (sold out, etc.), the on-site purchases will be closed.

- On-site purchase notices will be notified through the official SNS (IG @daeguhiphop) when the reservation deadline is close.

- On-site purchases can only be paid by credit card, and since the wristband is paid immediately, cancellation and refund are not possible.

※ in the case of on-site purchase, a surcharge is applied compared to online reservation. (will be notified when on-site purchase begins.)


Reservation deadline

- 1-day pass 5/6 (Sat), 2-day pass : available until 5:00 PM on 5/4 (Thu)

- 1-day pass 5/7 (Sun) : available until 11:00 am on 5/6 (Sat)


Refund Policy

- Within 7 days after booking: None

- 8 days after reservation - within 10 days of viewing : KRW 4,000 per ticket (up to 10% of the ticket price)

- 9 days to 7 days before the viewing date: 10% of the ticket price

- 6 days to 3 days before the viewing date: 20% of the ticket price

- 2 days to 1 day before the viewing date: 30% of the ticket price


* Fee will be charged as above depending on the cancellation date,

* Even if it is within 7 days of reservation, if the cancellation is within 10 days from the viewing date, a cancellation fee based on the viewing date will be charged.

* For more information, please check the Melon Ticket Refund Policy..

* Contact for Melon Reservations : ☎ 1899-0042


※ The followings are guidelines that must be followed, and the reservation holder shall be deemed to have understood and agreed to all following.


General Guidelines


- This performance is open to those aged 13 or older. (born in 2011 or older)

- Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to enter even if accompanied by their parents (including infants and toddlers).

- Only those wearing wristbands are allowed to enter the venue, and the organizers and hosts are NOT legally responsible for any problems that occur when a person under the age of 13 receives a ticket or wristband to enter. Also, if caught, There will be a forced exit.

- The venue will be divided into a standing zone, picnic zone, terraced stand zone, and shaded shelter, and all seats are non-reserved.

- In the case of picnic zone, terraced stand zone, shaded shelter, etc., if you leave your seat for a long time or do not follow the staff's control, the staffs can arbitrarily clean up the seats and are not responsible for loss or damage. The standards for emptying time and staff’s control are subject to the judgment of the part manager (staff) and the site situation.

- If a mat is spread outside of the designated picnic zone, it will be removed, and the person who does not comply with the staff’s control can be forced to leave after warning.

- Arbitrary transaction of tickets or wristbands is illegal, and tickets purchased or obtained through channels other than the official site cannot be canceled or refunded.

- We inform you that the damages and responsibility caused by personal transactions and illegal black trade are entire with the person concerned, and the organizers, organizers, ticket offices, and partners of the performance do not bear any responsibility.

- We inform you that the party is solely responsible for the damage and responsibility caused by personal transactions and illegal black transactions, and that there is no responsibility for the hosts, organizers, ticket office, or partner companies of the performance.

- Reservation tickets cannot be reissued if they are lost or damaged, and without tickets, reservation check on the day is also impossible. (Damaged tickets cannot be exchanged, even if there are reservation-related details or papers.)

- Ticket holders can exchange "1 wristband per 1 ticket" without identification procedure.

- When receiving the wristband for the on-site pickup, you must bring your reservation ID (copy, capture, etc.), the last 4 digits of the phone number registered on reservation ID and the reservation confirmation (copy, capture, etc.).

- Refunds are impossible if you do not exchange your ticket until the ticket booth closes due to your carelessness or else, or if you fail to watch the performance you want.

- For the safety of the audience, entering 30 minutes before the end of the performance is not allowed.

- Cancellation or refund on the performing day is not possible (check the cancellation policy of the reservation site).


Notions for COVID-19

- This festival follows the government's quarantine guidelines as of the performance date.

- For outdoor performances, it is not necessary to wear a mask, but it is recommended to wear as it is a crowded space.

- The festival guidelines related to COVID-19 will be informed on official SNS.


Admission & Ticket exchange


- Ticket booth (wristband exchange) : First day, 05/07(Sat) : Open from 10:20 to 20:00 / Second day, 05/08(Sun) Open from 10:25 to 20:00

- Entering procedure : Door open (10:20) -> wristband check -> item inspection → admission complete (The person who refuses the item inspection cannot enter, and if the admission is delayed because of refusal, the order may change.)

- Locker(paid) : Placed in&outside of venue. Available from 09:00 to 23:00 on each day (The locker inside the venue is available after the admission begins and details and locker reservation will be informed later.)


- There is no queue distinction between ticket holders and on-site pickup booths. (At all booths, on-site pickup is available)

- The wristband exchange time may be delayed due to queues, so if you want to watch from the first performance, please arrive early before the ticket booth opens. (Cancellation and refund are impossible because of the person’s late entry)

- For the safety of the audience, please refrain from queuing up all night the previous night.

- On the day of the performance, the ticket booth and admission queue will be carried out randomly, So please follow the control of the staff. (In case of queue management → insufficient cleaning or not in the queue, it cannot be accepted)

- Realistically, managing all of the issues (i.g. cutting in line) is impossible, If understanding and agreement have not been reached on the issue when queuing, the audience who is being harmed should firmly express their position to the other.


- The number of two-day pass is limited, and on the 2nd day of May 7 (Sun), you can line up from the designated location on the left side of the door, not the ticket booth. Likewise, we hope that you refrain from queuing up all night the night before, and the line will be managed randomly before the door opens on the same day. (Unacceptable if cleaning is insufficient or not in the queue)


- For two-day pass holders, please be aware that on 2nd day, the queue of 2nd-day pass holders (who reserve only 2nd day) and the two-day pass holders may overlap. (Please follow the control of the staff for safety.)



Items to prepare for the wristband exchange

· Ticket holders: Tickets

· On-site pickup : reservation ID card, the last 4 digits of the phone number registered on reservation ID, and the reservation confirmation (copy, capture available)

Just in case, you must bring your identification card on the day (including adult certification).

・Valid ID card for on-site pickup

: Resident registration card, driver's license (mobile available), passport, student ID (with the date of birth)

: Documents that can verify your identity (extract, copy, KakaoTalk certificate, Toss certificate, etc.)



Locker rental

- Valuables or expensive items cannot be stored.

- Carry-on luggage can only be stored in ther external locker (outside of the venue)

- For detailed notices regarding locker information and the reservation will be announced in March or early April on the official SNS.

Admission to the venue

- Admission completed : No fixed time. If you want to watch from the first performance, please enter before 11:30 a.m.

- Performance starts : 11:30 each on Saturday and Sunday 

- Performance ends : 22:00 each on Saturday and Sunday,

(※ Schedule above can change depending on the circumstances)

Entrance procedure :

① Ticket booth → Receive and put on the wristband (The staff will let you wear it)

② Main Entrance (wristband Inspection / Item Inspection)

※ The exit is located separately, and after exiting, admission is only possible at the main gate

③ If you do not wear a wristband inside the venue, you will be forced to leave



- Inspection of items upon entry (please check the prohibited item list)

- Bringing in outside alcoholic beverages and food is prohibited

(※ Up to 6 bottles of unopened 500ml water per person are allowed)

- The entrance and exit of the venue are different, and you can enter and exit freely when wearing a wristband.

- Ticket and wristband cannot be reissued If they are damaged, lost or taken off

- In case of counterfeiting, alteration, or transfer of tickets or wristbands, immediate exit and handover to the police (※ If it is severe, there can be a legal problem)

- If it is problems caused by personal time management or negligence, the wristband and ticket cannot be exchanged, canceled, or refunded.


Personal item inspection

- For safety, personal items will be inspected upon entering the main entrance.

- Admission is not allowed if item inspection is refused

- Prohibited items must be disposed of directly on site or stored separately at an external locker (paid).

- If prohibited items are found through inspection, the hosts or organizer will not keep them.

- Immediate and arbitrary disposal of items left behind.

- If entry is delayed or impossible due to prohibited items, the order of admission will not be accepted. (※Your order can change)


Prohibited item list

- Items that may pose a threat to others

(bottles, glass, inflammables, gas-related items, long umbrellas, sticks, boomerangs, discs, balls, chairs, camping chairs, etc.)

- Foldable umbrellas for sun shade can be brought in, but cannot be used in the standing zone or when obstructing the others (view, harm, etc.)

- Camping supplies are not available, but only small folding tables are available in the picnic zone. (only 40 cm in height, less than 60 cm in width and length, and size that does not interfere with others' view.)

- Camping chairs cannot be brought in due to damage to the lawn or the interior of the venue, and only paper ground chair are allowed

- Outside foods, drinks, and alcohol are not allowed

(Food and beverages purchased inside the venue cannot be brought in when re-entering)

- All-wheeled vehicles are not allowed

- Drones and RC products that can be controlled remotely

- Professional filming and recording equipment accompanied by bulky auxiliary equipment (tripod, DSLR, digital camera, etc.)

- Filming equipment is limited to mobile phones, small action cams, instant cameras, and disposable cameras (for non-profit and personal possessing purposes only)

- Selfie sticks, gimbals, large pickets, carry-on, etc. are prohibited.

- Strolls, wheelchairs, crutches, etc. cannot be brought in due to standing performance characteristics and safety reasons.

- No pets allowed

- Drugs prohibited from possessing or handling in accordance with relevant statutes, such as the Narcotics Control Act.

- Other cases where staff is deemed necessary

- Unable to enter due to prohibited items, it cannot be a reason for cancellation or refund, and if staff recognizes a person possess the prohibited item, He/She can be forced to leave



Notions from the hosts/organizer

- We hope you enjoy the festival itself, rather than just seeing the featured artists

- There may be visual and auditory stimuli due to LED screens, lasers, lighting, special effects, and sounds during the performance.

- If you are sensitive to stimuli, please stay away from the stage and wear protective equipment such as earplugs or sunglasses before viewing

- Selfie sticks, gimbals, large pickets, carry-on, etc. is prohibited because they can cause damage to other audiences, (picket up to 27cm*40cm is available, e.g. sketch note)

- Items or actions that interfere with the smooth viewing of performances (whistle, personal broadcasting, etc. can be sanctioned by the staff)

- Unauthorized person cannot take pictures or videos using unauthorized equipment. Deletion and forced exit when caught (legal problems will arise if found on various channels, like internet, offline ect.)

- Shoes, high heels, slippers with exposed toes, etc. are dangerous, so please wear sneakers, etc.

(※ The responsibility form problem or injuries that occurs from not following this guideline is only for he/herself and hosts/organizer/partner/artist doesn’t have any responsibility for that.)

- Excessive pushing, cutting in line, and aggressive words and actions can hurt each other, so please be considerate of each other.

- The host, organizer, partner, or artist is not responsible for various incidents, accidents, thefts, etc. that have occurred among the audience.

- For diseases, illnesses, and injuries that occur during performances that have not been informed in advance, hosts, organizers, partners, and artists are not responsible for that.

- Please refrain from making reservations for the elderly, pregnant, the mentally and physically weak, and those with personal illnesses.

- In the event of an emergency during the performance, please notify the security team or staff located nearby (Signal in case of an emergency: cross your hands over your head to make an X mark, if difficult, ask for help from people around you)

- You may be kicked out if you behave in a way that causes inconvenience to the audience around you or interferes with the viewing.

- This festival is an outdoor performance, so please bring your own sunglasses, hat, raincoat, and extra clothes depending on the weather on the day.


Enjoying & Resting

- The performance will be held regardless of rain

(※ In case of a serious natural disaster, it will be notified in advance)

- The performance time may vary depending on the circumstances of the day.

- All of the announced lineups will perform on designated dates. However, depending on disasters, unavoidable circumstances, artist circumstances, and organizers' circumstances, some performers may change and the time may change, which cannot be a reason for cancellation or refund because it is characteristic of the festival where many artists show & perform.

- In addition to the restrooms inside of the venue, there are restrooms for the audience on the outside, and there are also near the ticket booth. And the use may be delayed due to the crowd (There is no toilet paper, so please bring your own)

- There will be service booths for various problems like information booths that can store lost and found items and solve various inquiries and emergency medical booths etc.

- Inquiries will be replaced by the notice on the official SNS and the reservation sites, and if you have an inquiry on the day, you can ask at the information booth. (Depending on the staff’s tasks they serve, they may not be able to answer correctly so please use the information booth first.)




- Time table, festival map, recommended song list, food lineup, various booths, etc. are informed through the official SNS (Instagram @daeguhiphop) and Kakao Talk channel "대구힙합" 7 to 10 days before the performance

- Due to the large daily temperature difference, so please take enough breaks, keep hydrated, and supply nutrition for yourself.

- If you have a personal illness, please book a later time. (if you booked, please always have informations or notes on your condition and emergency contact, and we inform you that there is no responsibility of an accident caused by personal illness for the host, organizer, partner, or artist ect.)

- The mats only can be spread in designated area. (please, follow staff’s guide)

- If it is judged to interfere with the viewing or walking of others or to have a safety problem, staff shall guide you to move your seat, and if it is vacant for a long time or does not cooperate with having a problem, it may be removed or moved arbitrarily.

- Audiences and drunks who cause damage to other audiences are forced to leave.

- Smoking is absolutely prohibited inside the hall, and smoking is allowed only in a designated place outside.

- Please take your own trash and separate it into the trash can in the hall.


Information on filming and reporting in the concert hall


- All areas of the venue (including ticket booths and surrounding squares) are areas where filming and reporting are allowed only for media companies and teams recognized under the control of the host and organizer.


- Therefore, photos and videos, which are all shooted by photography and video (including voice) of all audiences, are copyrighted in ㈜현대사회 Co., Ltd., the host and organizer, and portrait rights (the right to refuse publication, portrait profit) are agreed to be used. Therefore, photos and videos, created by taking photos and videos (including audio) of all the audiences who entered, belong to the organizer/host, ㈜현대사회 co., Ltd. Also, through this reservation, you agree to use portrait rights (public declaration rejection rights, portrait profit rights), and all portrait works are permitted to ㈜현대사회 Co., Ltd., the organizer, and related partners.


- ㈜현대사회 Co. Ltd. have the right to commercially use the copyrighted works (including copyrighted works filmed by the audience within the venue), and the portraits taken in the venue can be permanently used in the original or edited form of events, advertising marketing related to ㈜현대사회 Co. Ltd., and the audience can appear.

- Please note that this notice is legally binding and governed by the law. thank you


- Food line-up will be announced one to two weeks before the performance.

- Various food and beverage and drinks (alcohol) booths with proven quality and safety will be prepared inside the concert hall (cash and card payments are both possible). However, some booths can only be paid by credit card)

- Alcohol can be purchased and consumed only when an adult-certified wristband is worn after certification at an adult-certified booth in the concert hall (Forcible recall and exit if alcohol is consumed by those not wearing wristband).

The weather can easily change the food, so please eat it as soon as possible.

- You can enjoy drinking everywhere, but know your limitations and drink just the right amount.

- The host or the organizer is not responsible for accidents caused by excessive drinking.

- All outside food, drinks, alcohol, etc. be restricted because of food poisoning, and waste.

- Alcohol, beverages, and food purchased in the concert hall cannot be brought in when re-entering.


Transportation information

- Please search the internet or visit in advance

- Ticket booth will be placed at "Daegu Stadium General Information Center" (based on Naver search)

- Public transportation is recommended, and there is no designated parking lot.

- Please use the parking lot (paid/free) around the stadium, and some parking lots and roads may be restricted.

- There will be an illegal parking crackdown and drunk driving crackdown to facilitate roads around the venue.

- BUS : 403, 609, 939 (Gett off in front of/across “Daegu Stadium”, and walk about 1km to the information center for 10-15 minutes)

- BUS : Suseong 3(-1) (Get off at “Daegu Art Museum” and “Daeheung-dong” bus stop and walk about 400m to the general information center for 5-10 minutes)

- TAXI : Daegu Stadium General Information Center or Daegu Stadium Auxiliary Stadium (대구스타디움 종합안내소 또는 대구스타디움 보조경기장)

- SUBWAY : Line 2, “Daegongwon” Station (about 2 km to the general information center, 20-30 minutes on foot), Line 2, “Gosan” Station (about 2.5 km to the general information center, 25 to 35 minutes on foot)

- Free shuttle: Line 2 “Daegongwon” Station Exit 3 ↔ Ticket booth shuttle will run (flexible)

- Free shuttle route 1 : Subway → Ticket Booth (09:00-12:00)

- Free shuttle route 2 : Ticket booth → Subway (21:00~23:00)

Company Information

주 최 / 주 관 : 현대사회

문 의 : 

- 카카오톡 "대구힙합" 채널

- 인스타그램

- 이메일

How to pickup your
purchased tickets.

  • Please be with your valid ID card and Statement of Purchases when you pick up tickets at site.
  • When you purchase tickets, the name you enter must exactly match the name on a passport to confirm your ticket.

Payment with
International Credit Card.

  • Payments must be carried out with a foreign credit card.
    (not Korean card)
  • To pay with international credit card, you need a secure of the
    card company.
  • You should register the Secure authentication to the card
    company website before booking
    for fast and seamless booking tickets.
  • UNION PAY doesn't need a registration to the card company website.

Secure booking service

To avoid automated bookings, the authentication booking service requires you to enter a security code when selecting a seat.

* In compliance with the Article 22 in Melon Ticket User's Agreement, any request
 for a booking may be cancelled or restricted from purchasing, in case that they are
 suspicious of fraud or misuse other than the purpose of watching performances.