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2022.11.18 - 2022.11.20
KINTEX Exhibition 2 / 7A HALL
8 years and over

More Info

Ticket Price

  • All Section ₩ 132,000

Event Notice

[Information on Ticket Purchase]

※ Fan Club Pre-Ticket Purchase

- Fan Club Pre-Ticket Purchase Limit: 2 tickets per person (per performance)

- Fan Club Verification Period [KST]: 

  October 11th, 2022 (Tue) 14:00 - October 23rd, 2022 (Sun) 23:59 

- Fan Club Pre-Ticket Purchase Period [KST]: 

  October 21st, 2022 (Fri) 18:00 - October 23rd, 2022 (Sun) 23:59


※ General Ticket Purchase

- General Ticket Purchase Limit: Up to 4 tickets per person 

  (Including the Pre-Ticket Purchases /per performance)

- General Ticket Purchase Period [KST]: 

  October 24th, 2022 (Mon) 20:00 - until the end of the purchase period 

- General Ticket Purchase is for the remaining / canceled seats after the pre-ticket purchase 

  for the fan club. 


※ If you have made a purchase through direct deposit, you must make a deposit by 23:59 

  on the day of purchase in order to avoid cancellation. (Unpaid purchases will be canceled.)


※ For reservations completed by 17:00 on October 31, 2022 (Mon), it will be shipped sequentially 

  in bulk from November 2, 2022 (Wed), and those who make a purchase after that can 

  only be picked up on-site.


[Guidelines for Fan Club Pre-Ticket Purchase]

※ Precautions to Fan Club Pre-Ticket Purchase

- Those who have been SF9 Official Fan Club FANTASY 5th members through 

  NAVER V LIVE MEMBERSHIP by January 16th, 2022 (Sun) 23:59 (KST) 

  can receive a pre-ticket purchase benefit.

- You must be a member of Melon Ticket to make a purchase.

- You must enter your fan club membership information (name, V number) 

  and verify in advance to participate in the pre-ticket purchase.

- Only one verification is possible with one ID, and it does not require re-verification

  when logging in again. (Duplicate verification is unavailable.)

- If fan club verification is done on the Korean page, fan club pre-ticket purchases are 

  only possible on the Korean page, if fan club verification is done on the global page, 

  fan club pre-ticket purchases are only possible on the global page.

- Verification can be completed even if the name of the Melon Ticket and the fan club name is different. 

  However, the information on the Melon Ticket will be entered on the purchased 

  ticket/reservation statement.

- If you do not verify your identity after signing up with the linked ID, you will not be able to proceed 

  pre-ticket purchase. Be sure to authenticate yourself in advance through your mobile phone or I-PIN.

- Please proceed with ticket purchase after confirming that fan club verification has been completed.

- Members who have purchased tickets through the fan club pre-ticket purchase are also eligible 

  for additional purchases within the purchase limit for general ticket purchases. 

※ Fan Club Membership Verification Process

① Log in to Melon Ticket on PC (web) or mobile

② After log-in, click ‘Verify as a fan club member’

③ Enter your name in 'Official Fan Club FANTASY 5TH' 

+ V number (combination of V + number and English letters)

   Ex) Name: FANTASY / V Number: V202201L21

④ Verification completed

- V LIVE MEMBERSHIP information required for fan club verification can be seen 

  in the NAVER V LIVE app.

  ∙PC: Connect to VLIVE > Click My Page > Click ‘SF9’ subscription channel > Click ‘My’ on the left 

   > Click ‘Membership’

  ∙Mobile: Connect to VLIVE > Click ‘More’ > Click ‘SF9’ subscription channel 

   > Click the FANTASY logo at the upper right


※ If an authentication error occurs even after entering the correct fan club member information, 

  please contact the ticket site. [Melon Ticket Customer Service: 1899-0042/ Hours: 09:00~18:00]



-Ticket Booth: Opens 2 hours before the start of the concert until 30 minutes after the start of the concert.

-All tickets purchased on the global site must be picked up at the venue ticket booth 

 on the day of the concert. 

-Tickets can be picked up after checking ‘Purchase details’ and ‘Legal ID’ 

Company Information


How to pickup your
purchased tickets.

  • Please be with your valid ID card and Statement of Purchases when you pick up tickets at site.
  • When you purchase tickets, the name you enter must exactly match the name on a passport to confirm your ticket.

Payment with
International Credit Card.

  • Payments must be carried out with a foreign credit card.
    (not Korean card)
  • To pay with international credit card, you need a secure of the
    card company.
  • You should register the Secure authentication to the card
    company website before booking
    for fast and seamless booking tickets.
  • UNION PAY doesn't need a registration to the card company website.

Secure booking service

To avoid automated bookings, the authentication booking service requires you to enter a security code when selecting a seat.

* In compliance with the Article 22 in Melon Ticket User's Agreement, any request
 for a booking may be cancelled or restricted from purchasing, in case that they are
 suspicious of fraud or misuse other than the purpose of watching performances.