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2020.11.12 - 2020.11.15
Coex Hall C 1&2
All ages admitted

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  • Admission tickets ₩ 15,000

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URBAN BREAK Art Asia is an international art fair that focuses on the diverse potential of urban contemporary art, an artistic genre that has been developed alongside urban culture. Urban art was born in New York in the 1970s and had expanded throughout the United States and into Europe by the 1980s as a contemporary culture that blends life and art. From Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Kaws and Banksy, both of whom are consistently breaking auction price records, urban art is transcending its street roots to gain prominence in the global art market. Today, urban art is rapidly growing by strikingly breaking the conventional presenting method of so-called white wall. 

URBAN BREAK Art Asia is the first art fair in Korea to showcase urban contemporary art, which is poised to rejuvenate the already-saturated art market. It departs from the existing art fair format, enlivening urban art’s dynamic energy and artistic value to the old one, and offers a new lifestyle sensibility for our everyday spaces. URBAN BREAK Art Asia is especially interested in addressing the demands of millennial collectors, a consumer group that is becoming increasingly powerful in the global art market, and proposing a lifestyle that combines popular culture and urban art. 

URBAN BREAK Art Asia, which is suggesting a new direction amid the broad flow of contemporary art, aims to be an art platform that encompasses all citybased art genres as the next frontier of exhibition space. We invite you to URBAN BREAK Art Asia, where you will be able to witness the power and energy of

urban contemporary art as a visual cultural format that is relevant in cities around the world and an international art movement that is constantly evolving.

Company Information

주 최 : 어반브레이크 아트아시아 조직위원회

주 관 : 어반브레이크 아트아시아 운영위원회

후 원 : 문화체육부관광부, 예술경영지원센터, 한국문화예술위원회, 화성시문화재단, 

안양문화재단, 여주세종문화재단

문 의 : 어반브레이크 아트아시아 사무국

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