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2018.01.17 - 2018.01.17
100 minutes
Muv Hall
12 years and over

More Info

Ticket Price

  • Standing ₩ 55,000

Event Notice

Melon Ticket Sales Announcement


- Date: 2018.1.17 (Wed) 20:00

- Place: MUV HALL (Hongdae) 

- Rating: Above 12

- Duration: Approx. 100 minutes

- Price: Advance ticket 66,000 KR

- Discount Information:

For those who have booked for the previous concert in September 7th,〈French Kiwi Juice Live in Seoul〉or December 29th, 〈Focus Live Vol 2. Oliver Nelson & Tobtok〉both hosted by Focus Live, 10 percent discount will be applied. 


[Booking Instructions]

- The performance will be proceeded only with standing seats.

- Production and reservation teams are not responsible for any problems regarding the tickets purchased or obtained through unofficial sites.

- On the day of concert, the ticket office will operate 3 hours before the actual performance. (It may change according to unexpected situations)

- You must be above 12 years old in order to watch a show. Please bring your ID for verification.

- Please bring your voucher and ID for receiving an actual ticket for the concert.

- Please note that entry numbers will be invalid after entry.

- After the performance is begun, entry may be restricted. Please cooperate with the staff of the field.



- Anyone who does not have a ticket cannot enter for any reason.

- Only bottled water less than 500ml with a lid can be brought into the venue.

- Lockers will not be available except for a small number of coin lockers in the lobby. Please note that acceptance of all personnel may be difficult. We are not responsible for the lost or stolen valuables through one’s carelessness.  

- It is possible to take photos during the performance except for using flash. Anyone with violent behaviour or possession of dangerous belongings will be conducted away from the venue.

- There is no parking lot in the building, so please use public transportation.

For the performance being well carried out, please cooperate with the guidance of the staff.



Partner: BACOM, VISLA 

Inquiries: Focus Live Facebook ( or Email (

Company Information

주 최 : 로엔엔터테인먼트            

주 관 : Focus Live_로엔엔터테인먼트, BACOM, VISLA

문 의 :

How to pickup your
purchased tickets.

  • Please be with your valid ID card and Statement of Purchases when you pick up tickets at site.
  • When you purchase tickets, the name you enter must exactly match the name on a passport to confirm your ticket.

Payment with
International Credit Card.

결제 카드이미지

  • Payments must be carried out with a foreign credit card.
    (not Korean card)
  • To pay with international credit card, you need a secure of the
    card company.
  • You should register the Secure authentication to the card
    company website before booking
    for fast and seamless booking tickets.
  • UNION PAY doesn't need a registration to the card company website.

Secure booking service

To avoid automated bookings, the authentication booking service requires you to enter a security code when selecting a seat.

* In compliance with the Article 22 in Melon Ticket User's Agreement, any request
 for a booking may be cancelled or restricted from purchasing, in case that they are
 suspicious of fraud or misuse other than the purpose of watching performances.